red hook community microgrid



This project is a partnership between Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6 and the Red Hook New York Rising Community Reconstruction Planning Committee [RH-NYR-CRP].



Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6, Inc. was established in 2003 to support Brooklyn Community Board 6 by providing resourcesintended to improve the quality of life in the communities that make up the district. Brooklyn Community Board 6 includes the neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens/South Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope and Red Hook. Friends provides planning, advocacy, research and administrative resources to supplement the limited capacities and budget of the Community Board, thus enabling the Board properly to carry out its City Charter-mandated task of evaluating the needs of and advocating on behalf its constituencies. Through this balance of public and private resources, Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6 aims to drive the balanced growth of all the communities it serves.


The Red Hook NY Rising Community Reconstruction Planning Committee (RH-NYR-CRP) has been working since Superstorm Sandy to rebuild this South Brooklyn waterfront community to become more resilient through community-driven plans that consider current damage, future threats to community assets, and the community’s economic future. Funding made possible through Governor Cuomo has supported the 8-month planning process.  The process created a plan that lays the groundwork for identifying strategies, a time-table and implementable capital projects that will help transform Red Hook to a more sustainable neighborhood addressing the economy, the environment and our social fabric.Red Hook received $3-million to implement the 6 projects selected out of dozons that were suggested by the community . The Red Hook NYR-CRP Committee remains in tact after the completed plan, and continues to work as a group to further the projects outlined in the plan and help create a resilient future for Red Hook.


CRH Headshot
Craig Hammerman, Executive Director of Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6
Craig Hammerman serves as the District Manager for Brooklyn Community Board 6, representing roughly 110,000 residents and thousands of businesses in Carroll Gardens/South Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, the Columbia Street District, Gowanus, Park Slope and Red Hook. The position requires a significant working knowledge of City government, including the ability to analyze, synthesize and shape public policies that affect legislation, budgets and the delivery of municipal services. In his role as District Manager for the Community Board, Craig has actively participated in the advocacy, planning and oversight of many Capital projects designed to improve the facilities and infrastructure of the district. He previously served on a Mayoral Brownfield Task Force to streamline the process for returning contaminated industrial properties to beneficial use, the Brooklyn Solid Waste Advisory Board which helped plan and implement the City’s curbside recycling programs, and a Mayoral Roundtable which updated the New York City Mayor’s Management Report.

Sara Philips, Director of Special Projects Brooklyn Community Board 6
Sarah Phillips has been the Special Projects Manager at Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6, Inc. since 2011. Her duties include managing grant applications, managing grant compliance, guiding Planning Fellows and providing technical support to the CB6 District Office. Prior to her current position she served as Office Manager at CB6 where her duties included organizing board and committee meetings and delivering constituent services. Ms. Phillips has an MFA from Brooklyn College and is a volunteer with Arts Gowanus helping to double their corporate sponsorships in one year. She is the Chairperson for the bicycle committee of the Park Slope Food Coop where she manages a weekly bike valet service staffed by 64 workers. She teaches printmaking to adults at the Lower Eastside Printshop.

gita2 copy
Gita Nandan, chair Red Hook New York Rising Community Reconstruction Planning Committee
Ms. Nandan is an architect, planner, educator, and community resiliency leader. She is a founder and principal of the award winning design firm thread collective, LLC. and is co-chair of the Red Hook NY Rising Community Reconstruction Planning Committee (RH NYR-CRP). Ms. Nandan believes in resiliency as a holistic and supple approach where issues of social, cultural, and economic focus can be positively integrated with design to create a net-positive urban condition. In addition to her current work, Ms. Nandan has been involved in policy making in NYC serving as a member of the Homes Committee for Urban Green Codes Task Force; and the Building Resiliency Task Force. Gita further puts her beliefs into practice as an architectural educator, currently a visiting assistant professor at Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts. Gita received her Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley and is a registered architect in New York and New Jersey, an accredited LEED professional and Enterprise Green Communities Technical Assistant. Ms. Nandan was most recently honored to have been an invited guest of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center attending the Municipal Art Society’s International Resilient Cities conference.

jeremiah miller_SGS
Jeremiah Miller, lead engineer Smarter Grild Solutions
Founded in 2008, Smarter Grid Solutions deployed the first smart grid in United Kingdom in Orkney in 2009 that doubled the amount of renewable energy integrated into a constrained grid. With over 50 engineers, Smarter Grid Solutions are recognized thought leaders in Active Network Management and have worked with and learned from electric utility companies, regulatory authorities, university research teams, generation developers, SCADA/DMS vendors, grid edge device manufacturers and many others. Smarter Grid Solutions is currently working with Con Edison on a spectrum of microgrid case studies, specifying deployment options for the required control and communication infrastructure, and conducting cost benefit analysis of three separate microgrid configurations.

Marcel Ham, lead financial consultant specializing in private public partnerships with IMG Rebel
IMG Rebel was created in 2013 by combining Infrastructure Management Group, Inc. (IMG) and RebelGroup. This union allows IMG Rebel to realize the significant strengths of both companies in uniquemarkets, competencies, and geographies. Founded in 1994 by leading infrastructure finance expert Steve Steckler, IMG specialized in improving the management, finance, and development of infrastructure facilities for public and private clients. In accordance with its corporate motto, “Bringing Business to Government,” IMG helped its clients bridge the gap between their infrastructure needs and financial resources by focusing on public-private partnerships (P3s), innovative capital financing, optimized project delivery, risk assessment and mitigation, and performance improvement. Highlights of the firm’s extensive high-profile projects include: advising on the $43 billion California High-Speed Rail.


GCF_logo 2
Green City Force, workforce development training
GCF is an AmeriCorps program that engages young people from low income backgrounds in national service related to the environment. In doing so, they prepare them for sustainable careers, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building the green city we want to see. Their Clean Energy Corps will be working on Energy Efficiency audits on various selected projects in the Red Hook Community Microgrid, working closely with Smarter Grid Solutions. Green City Force’s Clean Energy Corps, an AmeriCorps program based in New York City, combines national service and workforce development to reduce carbon emissions while providing urban young adults with training and leadership opportunities related to greening the economy.


kaluk image

Kaluk Media Services, workforce development training
Kaluk is a word-of-mouth marketing cooperative that serves as a voice for the community. Kaluk was developed by and to create opportunities for youth with most of its member/owners 18 – 25 years old. As a cooperative, Kaluk is owned and operated by its workers based on democratic principals. Kaluk supports local small businesses, non-profits and other worker cooperatives using a grassroots marketing approach to reach the communities served by our clients. We expose communities to our client brand through experiences that have the emotional impact to be remembered.

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