red hook community microgrid



download a PDF of the Fact Sheet to share here.

+ what is a community microgrid?
A micro-grid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously. (IE go into island mode during emergency situations)

+ who is involved?
The RH-CMG was initiated by the Red Hook New York Rising Community Reconstruction Planning Committee (RH NYR CRP). The project is a partnership between Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6, the RH-NYR-CRP Committee, and the engineering consultants, Smarter Grid Solutions and IMG Rebel.

+ what is the NY Prize?
The NY Prize Competition is administered by NYSERDA – the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority, with support from the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery, to support community grid planning and development. NY Prize offers support for feasibility studies, audit-grade engineering design and business planning, and project build-out and post-operational monitoring. Having qualified for the first phase feasibility study, the RH-CMG project team can compete next year for another grant at the audit-grade engineering design and business planning phase. NYSERDA awarded a total of roughly 80 NY Prize grants for feasibility studies throughout New York State, with 9 in New York City.

+ why did Red Hook win the NY Prize?
Red Hook was an award winner because of our vulnerability in the event of storms as shown by Irene, and Sandy. In addition, it has been documented that our community experiences non-emergency outages due to our raised and aging power line infrastructure, truck traffic that hits these lines, salt intrusion. In addition, Red Hook is a low-income waterfront urban neighborhood with the largest NYCHA housing in Brooklyn and second largest in NYC, making us a unique place to implement this project.

 We are looking to see how this project can become a model for other communities across NY and across the country.

+ when will we build the Red Hook Community Microgrid?
We hope to actually build this in the future. THIS grant period is for a STUDY only.

The results of this will be used to submit to Stage 2. We are committed to making it to the final stages to reach implementation.

+ Who will own the microgrid?
That is not known yet. As part of this Feasibility Study we will be looking at various different options for ownership, governance, and how the utility will be involved. But we want the communities input so if you have any ideas please let us know. There will be future presentations where we present and discuss the options for funding and governance.

+ How will this microgrid help my family and me? The goal of the microgrid is to support the community by providing power and safety in emergency situations. The buildings being chosen to work on the microgrid will also be connected to the Red Hook Community Emergency Preparedness Plan and will provide power generation to community members when we have an emergency. On a day-to-day basis, the power will be consumed by the buildings and offset their power consumption.

+ Where will this be built?
This microgrid will be a connected set of individual buildings, all public facilities or industrial buildings with a fair amount of square footage for power generation. There will NOT be a centralized power plant. See map of proposed buildings. The feasibility study will determine which buildings are best connected to each other, so the list and map may change by the end of the study.

+ How will power be generated? The goal is to have power generated through low carbon options, such as solar, wind and gas fired systems if needed. Each building will be outfitted with the system most appropriate for it. This will be a part of the results of the Phase 1 Feasibility Study. If power can not be created, other buildings may share their power with other buildings.

+ How is NYCHA participating in the Red Hook Community Microgrid? NYCHA is also working on a feasibility study through NYPA, the New York Power Authority. NYCHA is a customer of NYPA not ConEdison. So there will be two microgrids in Red Hook, one for NYCHA and one for the greater community. These MAY or MAY NOT be connected to each other. The engineers for each project will determine what is possible.

+ what is REV and what does it have to do with the Red Hook Community Microgrid? REV is Reforming the Energy Vision, The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) commenced its Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative to reform New York State’s energy industry and regulatory practices. This initiative will lead to regulatory changes that promote more efficient use of energy, deeper penetration of renewable energy resources such as wind and solar, along with wider deployment of “distributed” energy resources such as microgrids, on-site power supplies and storage. It will also promote greater use of advanced energy management products to enhance demand elasticity and efficiencies.  These changes, in turn, will empower customers by allowing them more choice in how they manage and consume electric energy.

See website:

The RH CMG is a part of the NY Prize, which is a program of REV.


+ who is doing the outreach?
The RH-NYR_CRP Committee has engaged with Kaluk, a local youth media cooperative, recently founded in Red Hook to do engagement and education around the issues of power, consumption, conversation, and the microgrid. You might see them on the street or doing their energy acts around the neighborhood.


Gita Nandan, Chair, Red Hook New York Rising Community Reconstruction Planning Committee,
(917) 439-0728

Craig Hammerman, Executive Director, Friends of Brooklyn Community Board 6, Inc.
(718) 643-4752, ext 205


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